Work the Calendar

Your calendar is one of the best tools you have in your arsenal right now. Once you’ve decided on where you’re headed, and sketched out a plan to map your way there, it’s time to get ready to activate that plan.

The pre-activation phase is as simple as plotting your plan on a map of time, aka, the calendar. The calendar makes tracking the progress of your small, actionable steps easy to see. While you can use a digital calendar to do this, a print calendar is also useful if you put it up in a place that you look at every day. It’s just another reminder for you that you have a purpose and you’re on a mission, and there’s an amazing future at the end of that mission.

The calendar, like the plan, is a living document. You will find, as you move toward your vision of your future, there’s this thing called life that will get in the way. It’s unexpectedly unexpected, so don’t worry if your plan gets rocked a bit. Nothing is set in stone. Along with your mission statement, your plan and calendar work together to give you the general direction you should be heading towards.

Prep the Calendar
Get a calendar, whether it’s a Google calendar or a print calendar or your computer or phone’s calendar… whatever works for you. If you’re not in the habit of using calendars yet, I suggest using the calendar of the device you’re reading this on because you likely already use that device everyday.

Take your plan and add step and milestone to the calendar in the order you think they need to be accomplished. Again, a lot of this is a guessing game, so don’t worry if you don’t know which comes first. Give it your best shot.

Work the Calendar
Now, the reason I like to put things down on a calendar is because it frees up my mind to do other stuff, like figure out the how and why of my plan. The calendar acts as second brain where I dump the reminders, tasks, and mundane things so that I can use my first brain to do more of the heavy listing. So work your calendar. Fill it up with as much detail as you can and let it work for you.

As always, feel free to jump in the tribe if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing what your calendars look like!

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